Monday, April 27, 2009

no more roommates=no change in sleep

After 5 & ½ months it was time for the girls to sleep in their own room. So this weekend was as good a time as any to make the switch. Jon and I went to bed with great anticipation on Friday that this was the night, this was the change that they needed and it would be smooth sailing. We put the girls down around 8 as usual and headed to bed around 10, to catch up on some long lost sleep. By 11 I was in a deep sleep, there may have been drooling or snoring, but I’m not admitting anything here. I hear a cry over the monitor that turns into a scream quickly. I run to the empty crib in my room, panic rushes over me because there are no babies there, but then I remember we have put the girls in their room. I run down the hallway trying to identify which lump of baby needs to be picked up over the fan, humidifier, and fact that my eyes and ears don’t seem to be functioning properly. I grab Brennan and head back to my room. I try rocking her and rubbing her gums but the crying/screaming persists. After roughly 2 minutes I give in offer her a bottle and back to sleep she goes. Coralee woke up at 2am and Brennan was awake again at 4am, both took the bottles then went back to sleep. Then they were both up for the day at 7 something.
New plan for Saturday night, we will move the other crib into their room and separate them. Jon and I are filled with hope anew for the night, surely this will do the trick (do you see where this is going??) Same routine 8ish the girls are in bed, 10:30 or so we are in bed. At 11:42 Coralee is awake and inconsolable. I don’t even give it a minute and just go straight to offering the bottle. Brennan is awake at 12:30. Someone was awake again at 4, and then we are all up at 7 for the day. Nothing changed again last night, we even tried a dream feed. Offering them a bottle when we were going to sleep; they didn’t even wake up. Brennan drank all that was offered and Coralee just slept. Jon and I are brainstorming some ideas with changing the feeding schedule, maybe that will help. Does anyone know if they make Infant Ambien? I’m just saying if everything else fails. :o)
I now find myself longing for the days when they both woke up at 4 am and went back to sleep. The not sleeping is starting to take its toll on my body. I’m carrying a great deal of stress, anxiety, grouchiness in my back between my shoulder blades. My face is breaking out and I’m starting to gain weight. YIPPEEE!! Maybe we can chalk this change up to teething, or a growth spurt, but I’m not moving them back into my room. I enjoy the quiet, it sucks to get up and traipse down the hallway, but it was nice to watch the news while I was getting ready this morning.


Pink-CJ said...

GOSH!! Yes, we are going through the same thing, but at 4 months. But Chase is sick so I kept him in my bed and he was all stopped up and could hardly breathe. I need to purchase another Humidifier. I need to blog about it. Good luck , It will all work out one day.

Adriane said...

Ugh, the no sleep is so hard - especially when you're working. I wish I had some magic advice. Hang in there!

Heather said...

I will tell you that recently the girls are getting up a lot too. It sucks! I keep saying it is teething-related. John mentioned something about maybe it is not due to teething and I just ignored it. I can't even think it. Anyway, no advice except to say I am sorry, I feel your pain and I hope it is over soon.