Thursday, April 16, 2009


I bought my birthday present yesterday. YEAH!! Yes I know it's only April 16th and my birthday isn't until the 30th of May, but when it comes to concert tickets you have to seize the moment. So one week and one day after my birthday, I will be headed to the Pavilion venue near my house with my dear friend Priscilla to see a concert and I'm soo excited I could squeal. (I actually did squeal yesterday, while on the phone with Priscilla and purchasing my ticket, at work. Let me remind you I share an office with three men.)

So now that your interests are peaked and you are dying to know who I will be seeing on the 7th of June, let's take a trip down memory lane.

The three years I spent in middle school hold the record for being the worst years of my life to date. No joke! Worse than surgeries and loneliness as an adult. Going through puberty absolutely sucks and I'm not looking forward to it for my girls. One week I had friends the next week I was out. I was developing and changing, just flat out uncomfortable in my own skin and VERY hormonal. I thought my parents didn't understand and the truth is I didn't understand myself. Pre-pubescent girls are mean. I had a "group" of friends throughout the three years and I constantly felt like their punching bag, but I'm a loyal person to a fault. The one thing we always shared was our love of a musical group (oh oh ohhohh oh??)

Oh my goodness I busting at the seams. I'm going to see NEW KIDS ON THE BLOCK!! My parents scrimped and saved for me to be able to see there concert in Baltimore when I was in the seventh grade and it was wonderful. I sat in the nose bleed section and could hardly see anything because I didn't have my glasses yet. It was a truly wonderful night. But this time I'm paying, I'm a grown-up and it's my birthday gift. Priscilla and I will be sitting in the orchestra. There is a chance I could get sweat on me. (heehee) Just the thought of this concert brings back the sweet memories of middle school obsession.
And what does my husband think, well he rolled his eyes and asked to make sure and find him some help with the kids. Thank you, "you got the right stuff, baby".


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Eric Angela & Brandon said...

Heidi! I am so excited for you. I loved NKOTB too! You Rock!