Thursday, March 25, 2010

I'm all a flitter

when it comes to twitter.

I admittedly don't get it. It seems like a great way to really really connect with all the people I've grown to admire and care for in this here blogosphere, yet I feel like all the cool kids are doing it  I'm standing on the outer circle.

Don't get me wrong I do understand the 140 character limit, I know how to log in and update, replying and messaging is super easy when I'm logged in. But there are people that tweet (is that the correct term?) all day long. Tweet that come from txt, tweetdeck, ubertweet and tweetie, what the heck are those things? How can I twitter twit tweet from my phone? Is it like text messaging? Where is the manual? If you tweet from your phone do you type in the person's user name or is there a phone number?

"@from3to5- Really you don't get it? It's really not that hard."

I'm sure it's not but I feel like a twitter ninny. I think I understand DM (Direct Message) & # (not sure the point).

Do you need a smart phone? Am I in trouble if this is what I'm working with?  

Yes the buttons really are that huge. Yes I really do need to push #7 4 times to make a 's' appear. I washed my other, better phone and I will continue to blame post pregnancy brain. Thankfully our contract is due for renewal which means a new phone hopefully this weekend.

So do you tweet? Do you have any suggestions for this relatively intelligent struggling gal?


Brianne said...

I created my twitter account a while back, but really only started to tweet the passed few months. I tweet because it posts to my facebook, and blog at the same time. I'm not big on following people just because they follow me. I follow because I want to read their tweets! You can tweet from your phone by setting up your phone number through twitter, and sending texts. I still don't get a lot about tweeting, but I'm learning! :D

TIFFANY said...

Don't have any twitter tips. I don't really get it much either. But I do sympathize with your phone. I used to have a cool pink phone. I accidentally washed it just a couple of months into the contract. Since I couldn't afford a new "good" phone, I bought a really cheap prepay phone and stuck my card in it. Then, we upgraded our plan and I got a new cool pink phone-dropped it in a puddle. Used the crummy phone for a year. Added a line for our daughter and got a cool new blue phone. Dropped it out of my pocket and the dog ran away with it, then it got run over by my husband.

Think I'll just take that as a sign that I am supposed to stick with this crummy phone. :)

Kate said...

Hello, my name is Kate and I'm a tweet-aholic.

It's simple - you can update your status much like facebook. If you want to say something to someone directly, then you put @ before their user name. A DM is private and can only be sent to someone on your friends list. I think you can send one to someone who is following you, even if you aren't following them...not sure.

Happy tweeting!

heather Ristau said...

just learning too. trevor connected my blackberry last night.. i've done it once.. but ubertweet. etc.. who are those people/things?!
glad i'm not the only one.

i'll learn through you!

Courtney said...

Heidi, you make me giggle. ;)
I have an iPhone so I have a Twitter app on my phone which allows me to tweet away from my computer. I'm pretty sure there is a way to set it up through texting, like someone said earlier. I assume you'd have to go to Twitter settings and figure that out. Good luck! (still giggling)

Miss. Candy said...

I don't tweet, so I can't help! I figure Facebook and the blog are bad enough at taking up my time, I can't afford to add that to the mix! lol!

Megan said...

I just do not get it, either. Maybe it's because my tweets would be super boring. "At work.." "Still at work" "Still here at work..." Ha. Glad I'm not the only one who fails to understand the appeal! :-)

Mindi said...

It took me awhile to get the hang of it all! I even cancelled my account after awhile, then re-started a few months ago. I'm for sure more into Facebook and my blog! :)

Rachel M. said...

I can tweet from my iPhone but I found I don't have anything to say. I started writing about food cravings but who wants to read that???

andria_lightfoot said...

What? Are you kidding me? You can write a business rule for our dang software like a breeze...but no clever Twips? (quips + tweets). SHA?!!

Anonymous said...

Sadly I have no twitter tips for you. I started using it forever ago. But really - just didn't have the time to sit at the computer & update things all the time. Then I got my iphone & I thought hey cool, I can use twitter more. So I set it up to send the tweets to my phone. That last all of 20 minutes. It drove me insane! And actually, I just deleted my account not too long ago. I just never got on any more & I didn't see the point.