Wednesday, March 24, 2010

A winner and a picture

Winner!! Winner!! Chicken Dinner!!!

Lucky number 13!!

I'm sure Alexa and Braden will love playing with their new doctor kit. Laura e-mail me at from3to5 at gmail dot com so I can get some info from you and you can have a doctor in the house.

Linds @ A Dollop of my Life tagged me in a easy peasy photo game. In your picture folder post the tenth picture in the first folder and give the story behind it. Then tag 5 people to post their tenth picture.

This picture was taken by our nanny on the girls first birthday. It was actually warm enough in the beginning of November to go to the park in light jackets.  This is one of their first experiences at the park after they were walking and able to investigate. Clearly they were more interested in investigation and less interested in the camera.

I tag-

Brianne @ Photog Nazi
Dondi  @ Confessions of a Housewife (because she is super busy with studying & school and this is an easy peasy post idea)
Adriane @ Gracie and Gabby
Helga @ My World
Courtney @ A Mom's Perfect Imperfection


Arizona Mamma said...

What a fun tag. Seriously, I don't like the ones that require you to post upside down, while scratching your left nostril with your right big toe and singing the Star Spangled Banner all at the same time.

Sonora said...

This is such a fun tag! I love the picture. I can't wait until my boys are big enough to start playing together.
I have to agree with AZ mamma. I love her description of the difficult tags! LOL

Shanilie said...

Great tag! I agree some tags take forreeevver to fill out.

Brianne said...

Love Arizona's comment, LMAO, SO TRUE!

Thanks for the tag! I'm scared to see what pic I'm gonna end up

Courtney said...

I just caught this! Promise to play along. Check out tomorrow's post!