Friday, February 27, 2009


A glimpse into dinner at our house these days. Yes Brennan is indeed pitching a holy fit while Coralee sits patiently in her high chair with her hands folded together.
And in birth order...

Senor Cheeseball (with a real smile and his eyes open, WOW!!)

Peanut with an uber cute toothless grin

Miss Cranky Pants taking a break from fussing

Since before the girls were born I have been told and thought they were fraternal based on scientific reasoning and what is known medically. In early scans there was a thick membrane separating them and two placentas (which fused into one as they grew). However as Coralee fills out in the face I'm starting to think we may have identical lovies.. What do you think? and yes I can still tell them apart in person, in pictures it's getting harder.

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Lindsay said...

Your kiddos are adorbale! And We're going through the same thing with our girls, they were definitely Di/Di twins so everyone pretty much thought that they were fraternal but we're now having trouble telling them apart sometimes when we look at pictures. I think we may end up doing the testing to see once and for all. And for the record, your girls DO look alike! I'm getting ready to start my girls on rice cereal and hoping that it makes a difference with spit up AND with sleeping at night. Here's to hoping!