Thursday, February 26, 2009


I'm kind of sucking at updating this thing. It's not for a lack of content, but lack of free hands time not at work.

We are still plugging along at home. The girls are eating cereal regularly and just finished up a week of squash with no reaction. So it's on to carrots next. They still are not sleeping through the night. Which is disappointing, but there are others who have it worse than me so I'll refrain from too much whining and complaining.

As for the picture quiz... Only the hubs got it right. Brennan in grey and and Coralee in white. I never would have let him live it down if he got it wrong...

1 comment:

heather said...

man! you're doing great! :)

i love seeing pics of the girls. they are so beautiful. i can't wait until the day i can kiss their little cheeks.

ivy JUST started sleeping through the night at 8/9 months. LOL! but, all my kids were slow, and i didn't have to push them b/c i didn't work, AND only had ONE! :) good luck with those sweet ones.

thanks for the updates when you get to them!