Thursday, August 12, 2010

Just Thursday..(8-12-10)

Oh how I had grandiose plans to post galore in celebration of my sweet boy's birthday and now here it is Wednesday night Thursday and you haven't hear from me since last week, I mean the nerve...

Outside my window.. I see the street lights.

The time is.. 10:02 pm (Wednesday night)

Today I feel.. annoyed, with myself, my intentions and many other things

I am thinking.. I should upload pictures but I'm too tired

At the moment, I am thankful.. that Dade felt super special for his birthday.

I am going.. to have a four day weekend and take the kiddos to a local water park and the county fair.

I am wearing.. uh-ohh Red and White Christmas PJ pants and a super comfy Third Day T-shirt that is black with tan lettering. I am the epitome of fashion.

I wish.. still wishing for independent wealth and not having to work.

I am reading.. yeah, still don't read and I'm sure you don't count the most recent issues of Lucky and Parents Magazines

I am working on.. packing up kids clothes that don't fit.

I am hoping.. for great weather this weekend.

I am hearing.. the dishwasher running, Psych! on the TV and the husband snoring on the couch.

Around the house.. it's surface level clean, but please don't touch the chairs, the girls leave gunky fingerprints EVERYWHERE!!

I bet you didn't know.. I absolutely can not sleep with my bedroom door open, not even for a nap.

One of my favorite.. favorite wines is Moscato by Barefoot. I'm no sommelier but that stuff is the yumminess.

My weekend plans include.. whoops answered this one up a little further. Yeah for a few days break from work.

Have a great Thursday and be warned there will be birthday pictures...


Goldylocks aka Erin said...

Oh yes, the surface clean. My house is the same way. DO NOT open a closet as you would put your life at risk :-)

Rachel M. said...

sounds like you have a fun weekend planned! Good luck!!!

Helga said...

Oh the water park sounds like a blast. Have a great weekend!!

Murdock's mama said...

Yay for fun birthdays! Your weekend sounds like a blast...can't wait for the update! I know the feeling about uploaded photos...unfortunately 'backing up' photos on my external hard drive is also a delayed project!

Thanks for playing along...I JUST got the link's a little slow moving here today...forgive me!

Murdock's mama said...

Oh...and how could I forget...I LOVE Mascato and Mascato D'Asti too! mmmm! [except for it makes me want to run to the bathroom!]

Lee-Ann said...

Sounds like a great weekened was planned, hope you had fun! Happy Birthday to Dade!