Wednesday, July 14, 2010

You Know Your a Mama

It's Wednesday, already. I'm at home with the littles today. My nanny was in a horrible car accident last night, if you would please say a prayer for her and her family I would appreciate it and I'm sure she would too. With that said I'm am being reminded anew today that I am a Mama. With a demanding almost 4 year old and one cranky 20 month old I'm so very glad it's nap time right now.
You know what else reminds me that I'm a mom...
When I'm at a country music concert (like it happens that often) and I hear a harmonica solo. I immediately think of my son and his new favorite instrument rather than immensely enjoy my time away from my child.

I won this harmonica from Erin aka Goldylocks, it's from CSN stores. It has an amazing sound and is great quality.

What's reminding you of your Mama'ness today? Be sure to check out Arizona Mamma and the other ladies that have linked up.


Goldylocks aka Erin said...

Oh no!!! Many many prayers for your nanny.

I was JUST wondering if you received the harmonica yet. Glad you did and that Dade is enjoying it. Did you buy ear plugs yet?

Arizona Mamma said...

Harmonica! We have one, but they still prefer the glockenspiel...yes, we really call it a glockenspiel. you should hear Addyson say it.

Anonymous said...

Those pictures are adorable! That's too cute that he loves to play the harmonica.

That's terrible about your nanny. We're definitely saying prayers!!

Amy said...

My kids love train whistles and drums. A great combo for a headache! So sorry to hear about your nanny...hope she'll be OK.

Helga said...

That is too cute :o)