Thursday, July 15, 2010

It's Thursday the 15th of July

I am taking 5 minutes from this crazed day to tell you it's "Just Thursday"

Outside my window…it's sunny and hot.
The time is…11:50am
Today I feel…tired, exhausted, zombie-like
I am thinking…5 o'clock really CAN NOT come soon enough.
At the moment, I am thankful…lunch time, Motrin and pay day.
I am going…to bed early tonight.
I am wearing…a teal baby doll shirt, black slacks and patent leather sandals.
I wish…weight loss could really be granted with a wish.
I am reading…nothing, still, slacker..
I am working on…being more compassionate.
I am hoping…that my husband is planning something special for our anniversary. (HINT HINT!!)
I am hearing…a little Travis Tritt. "It's a great day to be alive." AMEN to that..
Around the house…it should be clean when I get home. Woo-hoo I have a special affection for every other Thursday.
I bet you didn't know…I really don't think I could hack it as a stay-at-home mom. I really like working. I don't feel like yesterday at home with my kids went so great and it's hard to admit that.
One of my favorite…pieces of furniture is a corner shelf from my great grandmother. It's a great knick-knack holder.
My weekend plans include…nothing too exciting. Maybe that ever elusive trip to the pool, except it is supposed to be oppressively hot.

Look at that almost an hour later I actually got this posted. Let that speak to how hectic my day has been. Be sure to check out Abby and the others that have linked up.


Helga said...

I'm sorry you are so sleepy!! I hope you get some much needed sleep and early at that :o)

Have a great Thursday!!!

Goldylocks aka Erin said...

Oh girl...I could never be a SAHM either. I like to go to work and get away. I used to feel guilty about feeling that way but I don't anymore.

Linds said...

sometimes I don't feel like I hack it as a SAHM. But then I think about everything you working moms do and I don't think I'd hack it doing that either... LOL.

Murdock's mama said...

I don't think staying at home is for every's okay. I think it makes you appreciate your time together more! I'm with you on 5 o'clock not coming too enough...I have tomorrow off!! [4 hours left for me! :]

Thanks for linking up again!!

Suz said...

I'm a week late - thought I'd comment anyway. I hate being an 'after hours mom'. I have an appreciation for those who enjoy their work. Maybe if I enjoyed mine more (or if I were adequately compensated for my abilities) I wouldn't regret my job so much?

Hope you had a chance to relax at the pool :)