Friday, July 9, 2010

5QF- Vlogging in a Uniform

Oh, she's Baaaack!!

It's Friday. I'm going to do a little tailgating and see my friends Lady A. and Tim tomorrow to celebrate my friend's 40th. I can't wait.
It's 5QF people. I'm rocking it vloggy style and making a total fool of myself. If you haven't ever vlogged and you are jumping on the 5QF train today I strongly encourage you to bust out the webcam and JUST DO IT!

Either way if you participate make sure you head over to Mama M's and check the others that are linking up, she may be offering up best friendship today. She does that every once in a while.

Oh look a semi normal freeze frame, why thank you YouTube.

Have a great weekend!!!


Courtney said...

You are a doll. Too funny, Heidi - rockin' the wife beater and the Christmas PJ pants. Love it!

Adriane said...

This was so funny! Pining for the man that is upstairs sleeping!

Megan M. said...

I'm SO jealous that you're going to see Lady A & Tim. I know that had nothing to do with your vlog part, but I had to say it. >Green with envy!<
I think we need to plot a week and all vlog a 5QF with our "wife beaters" on, just for our Kate!

Kate said...


First of all, you rock the wife beater, girl. And those pj pants...? Sweet mercy. You are a fashion statement indeed. You ought to wear that outfit out to next year's 4th of July celebrations.

So much to love about this vlog! I heart you!

Mama M. said...

A wife beater, jammie pants, AND potato chips on your pb&j?!

If she wasn't before, Kate's gotta be in love with you now!!! ;)

LOVED the vlog! You are too cute..."construction grade white"!

Chasity said...

Okay, you're stinkin' adorable. Great vlog. Keep it up. May just try one next week.

Arizona Mamma said...

So much to say, so much to say...okay...FIRST, and most time I am away from your blog for so long, just smack me up side my head! I have been pretty scarce around the comment world of blogging, but I NEED to be more steady about yours!!

Second, I have been to Europe, but there is SO SO much more I want to see. I have the STRONGEST desire to go to Russia. Like more than anywhere else. Want to go with me? We could totally plan a trip ;)

Third, wife beater is samfrantastic! You are samfrantastic.

Last, seriously...don't let me get away without coming here. Got it? Good.