Wednesday, June 2, 2010

You NO your a Mama When-sDaze

What??? It's Wednesday! How in tarnation did that happen?

Thank you everyone for the lovely birthday wishes. We did a whole lot of nothing this past weekend and I loved it.

My sister-in-law and family are in town this week, so I will obviously be light on my blog interaction. I do hope to have some pictures of our trip to the Zoo. Who knew it was free? Not this girl.

Anywhoodles, let me tell you a little sumthin'sumthin' bout being a Mama. It's fun little linkable hosted by my friend Arizona Mamma.

You have out of town guests coming to town the rest of you house is clean presentable, including the kids room, when you walk into your room at 10:30 at night and realize that all the "organization" has left a mess load of crapola in your room.

As a Mama you look forward to all the milestones that your little one will experience in just a few short months then it happens they learn how to talk and they learn how to say, NO. My girls are stuck on NO. It is the answer for everything.

Me- Brennnnnnn-aaaaaannnn.{sing songy voice}
Brennan- Nooooooooo

Me- Do you want a cup?
Brennan- Nooo
(sit the cup down)
Brennan- Screams

Me- Coralee are you all done?
Coralee- No
(sit back down to eat)
Coralee- Screams accompanied by throwing of food

Coralee- akndoiahsdgoiandolaroiahgofknalkfdhgsoitu (baby gibberish) NO aisodihtaondfgaiftoaijdfgoij NO ajdiotahroiughaofj NO

Brennan wagging finger- NO

Dade crying from being whacked on the head
Brennan- No NO NO

Yeah, I know I'm a Mama today because I am SO over the word No. (though it is pretty darn cute how they say it)


Natalie said...

Good Lord, I think the word NO is used more in this house than any other word in the english langauge! It's either me saying it, hubby saying it, or Tater saying it. It's actually pretty ridiculous!

I liked this post :)

Shell said...

It is cute...but still annoying! LOL

liz said...

and the hands on the hips, furrowed brow and puss face, too!

Arizona Mamma said...

Colton's favorite is mine. Mine, mine, mine. Everything mine. Well, that and more. Even when he hasn't had any of something yet, he will look at it and say MORE. Makes me laugh every time.

CJ said...

Happy Belated!!!