Wednesday, June 9, 2010

You know you are a Workin’ Mama When-sDaze

It's Wednesday peeps or should I say Whens-Daze with Arizona Momma. Today I bring you some reminders that I am a workin' Mama.

Before leaving for work:

You have swept the floor twice from the rejected muffin that your young ones ate just two days ago.

You have brushed four sets of teeth and administered 4 sets of vitamins.

You have ironed one shirt.

Missed every single weather update on the news

Have listened to Monster Jam while putting on your make-up

You have bathed a yogurt vomit covered kid who shares your same gag reflex and had to change your shirt

You gather many kisses and hugs before walking out the door.

When walking to the car you wave, blow kisses and flash a peace sign.

You arrive at work to find yogurt/granola spoo remnants on the cuff of your pants. (Can I get a woot woot Andria?)

Upon arriving home:

You are welcomed home to frantic screams, running, and the cutest ever toddler chatter.

Before changing out of your work clothes you prepare a snack for the littles, prepare dinner, set the table, clean up toddlers, strip toddlers, eat dinner, clean up the table, scrub the floor, scrub highchairs, wash the dishes, & pre-treat food stains, usually with the assistance of the most handsome man on the planet.

You melt when your son asks to read Bible stories before bedtime

You melt when two little girlies say nigh-nigh and blow kisses.

You melt when just before you fall into bed wiped out from another day you peak in on your sleeping children and hear nothing but deep breathing.

What is reminding you of your mama-ness today? Be sure to head over to Arizona Mamma and check out the other Mamas that linked up.


Bossy Betty said...

Awwww...those last two images are so sweet!

Julie said...

Ah, kuddos to you!! I tip my hat to working moms!!

And, what is it with yogurt and the gag reflex?? It gets me...and the kids everytime we take too big of a bite!!

Sonora said...

I have to tell you that working moms impress me. That is a lot to handle. I'm sure I would find bits of baby left behind on my clothes too. I can't get through the day in a clean pair of clothes no matter what I do.
I love the part about the kids reacting when you arrive home. That has to feel good!

Stacey said...

I'm tired just reading that!! Kudos to you!

Linds said...

I just have to ask... what exactly is spoo? Never heard that one before :)