Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Yeah we're cute

Thanks for the beautiful dresses Abuelita!!

We're cute and we know it, you better recognize!


"Excuse me?!?, What are you wearing?" - Coralee
"Oh Yeah!, I rock this sissy." - Brennan

Little Miss B

Little Miss C


Linds said...

ok, they're freakin' cute! And I'm pretty sure they both look like mini-me's of you! :)

Rachel M. said...

very sweet!

Kate said...

LOL @ you'd better recognize!

Oh I am recognizing!

What darling little girls! Love the dresses.

Courtney said...

They're workin' it! LOVE it!

Dondi @ Confessions of a Housewife said...

That is adorable! They are so precious!

MollyinMinn said...

Um, yeah. They "could" get cuter. But I am not sure how.