Wednesday, May 26, 2010

A Tale of a Monkey

You may have noticed this button popped up on my blog last week.


Do you see that sweet little baby face? Monkey is a 16 month old little girl who has been touched by cancer.

Let that settle in for a minute – 16 months old & cancer.

A month ago Michelle, Monkey's mama, discovered a lump. Things moved quickly the lump was removed but there were lasting effects Monkey has lost the use of her left arm.
Then on the 4th of May the words no Mama ever wants to hear—

later corrected to Neuroblastoma

I don't know the differences between the cancers I just know that I cried for this little girl, her Momma, her sissys and her Daddy. There are too many things in this life that I don't understand. This precious little one is so close to the age of my girls when I see them I think of Monkey and I pray.

On May 13th Michelle wrote-

Monkey knows the doors of the doctors office and refuses to walk through them.

Monkey knows the nurses and doctors will blow bubbles and make silly faces to make her happy but she still screams when they touch her.

Monkey knows that nothing fun is coming out of us being at the hospital and holds my hand pulling me towards the door saying "c'mon".

Monkey knows at the end of the day when we are saying our goodbyes is the best part of the day and waves bye-bye and blows kisses.

Diva knows that momma is busy taking care of sissy and has become my little housekeeper helping out wherever she can.

Diva even offered to do the laundry yesterday and not being able to touch the buttons was going to stop her.

Feather internalizes everything and she worries.

Feather has left little notes all over the house that say "Monkey has cancer. Can you help her?"

Her words, the pain, it took my breathe away and I wept. Cancer hasn't just touched Monkey it has stolen the innocence of her sisters.

On the 18th a glimmer of good news the cancer was caught early, but the battle is not over. Monkey will be monitored for the next two years, she will continue to see too many doctors and hospitals. Life for their family has a new distorted normal that includes cancer something that they don't just deal with, but have to live with. Monkey also now has to have intensive physical therapy in hopes that one day she will use her arm again.

Please pray-    

Pray for no more cancer for Monkey

Pray for restoration of Monkey's Arm

Pray for Feather and Diva

Pray for all three of these girls that cancer is not a memory to them as they grow older

Pray for Michelle that each bump, bruise or tumble doesn't cause her to panic

Pray for their marriage, that they would hold strong and steady

Just Pray.
You don't need to know them. I don't.

Please stop by Michelle's blog. Leave her a prayer or encouraging comment.

If you feel so inclined a pay pal account has been set up to tackle the mounting medical bills of the past month as well as the required physical therapy which is barely covered by insurance. Michelle has promised to pass these funds along to another family if they are not used. As an added benefit the blogging community has pulled together a raffle of donated items, those that donate receive entries in the drawings. For information on that please click on this link to Ian's site for all the details.

Click on monkey to donate...please help!