Monday, March 22, 2010

This or That

I found a new meme, well actually Shell found it and I found it from her, but isn't that how a meme gets started.

The Winey Mommy

Chelle the Winey Mom wants to know-

Do you buy your makeup at a discount/drugstore or some type of specialty makeup store?

I am a make-up snob. It started when I was still single and could blow money on frivolous things. I was regularly receiving micro derm abrasion treatments and using a retinol product through a service offered at the salon I frequented. They also sold Bare Minerals and so I was hooked. For the longest time I thought I could only get this make-up at my salon. Then a co-worker who had a part-time job told me about Ulta. That's where I started to go. Even though we have made many cutbacks I still use Bare Minerals because I like the look and I like how it feels on my skin. The last time I needed make-up I went to Sephora, because it was right next to Stride Rite and the kids needed shoes.

SOO all that to say I do indeed shop for my make-up at a specialty store, well except for my mascara that comes from Target and is usually purchased with a coupon. I know my limits..

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Chelle said...

I never buy the "good" mascara--I'm a Maybelline/Cover Girl/L'Oreal type of girl. And to me? They are the best mascaras! I've bought a lot of the pricier ones and always go back to my tried and trues :)

Thanks for linking up--I'm following your blog, I love it!


Shell said...

I'm noticing that a lot of us use the cheaper mascaras!

Brittney said...

Note to self: Check out this Sephore & Ulta I am hearing so much about!

Haha If it didnt come from Walmart i havent used it---sad huh!!!

Arizona Mamma said...

I used to only use Clinique Makeup...then I tried the Bare Minerals...and I love it. I had no idea Ulta carried it. You are a genius! Well, that or I am just super grateul for this tid bit.

I was out of town over the weekend and have a lot of cathing up to do. I certainly have not forgotten about you!

Lin said...

lol, the cheap mascaras are always the the BEST ones.

Heather @ Gerber Days said...

First off, I love how you have "Papa" above your husbands picture, because that it what my little girl calls my hubby too! Secondly, I LOVE microdermabrasion! It works so well.
Lastly, I LOVE your blog, and found it on the Winey Mommy. I'll be following now. ;)

Rachel M. said...

I buy my foundation and concealer at Este Lauder and try to time it when they give away the gift pack. Subsequently I have enough lipstick to last 5 years even with daily use!

Linds said...

I'm a Walmart makeup kind of girl... when I wear it :)

I tagged you in my latest post-- be sure to check it out (you know, when you get a chance from that super big project at work and playing with your cute kiddos!). :o)

Anonymous said...

When I was a teenager I was a Nozema girl using, I think, Borgesia moisturizer. Now I use either Clinique and Estee Lauder, but I love my Lancome lipstick, which they keep discontinuing, so I'm getting really irritated with them!

Now, all my sons use Nozema (believe me - don't go to the dermatologist- just use Nozema)