Monday, March 22, 2010

Ahhh the weekend..

wha? it's over...

It was way too short. The weather was way to nice. The kids and I played in the backyard on Saturday then after nap we took a walk around the neighborhood. The windows were open. LOVELY!!

Sunday, I was on nursery duty at church, we had lunch at Red Robin to celebrate a dear friend's 40th, I got a nap in..WOOT WOOT!!

Then today it rained, I went back to work, and realized I'm going to be more busy this week than last. GRR!

I'm trying, trying, trying super hard to get some posts written.

To Linds, Dondi, Brianne and Lee-Ann I have not forgotten the awards you have blessed me with, this week I hope to post them.

To Kate, the Crayon Wrangler and all the other book clubs girls I haven't read Chapter 3 yet. Silly me took my book out on Saturday with the kids, I had delusions visions of lounging on the blanket while they maintained civility on their own. notsomuch
I do promise that I am praying for all of you. I have been talking to a dear friend in addition to reading the book and am excited to see the changes in my life I hope you are too.

Til tomorrow?? I sure hope so..

P.S.- I forgot the shameless plug for my giveaway. Click here.

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I am Lee-Ann... said...

No worries! I'm sure I'll see all your hoarded awards go up soon enough. ;P