Monday, March 29, 2010

Spidey 7th Sense?

We've all heard of 6th sense, no I'm not talking about the movie, I'm talking about the intuitive feeling that you feel in the pit of your stomach. Most mama's have it, some of us listen to it, some of us are hyper sensitive to it and some of us ignore it.  My kids seem to have an extra sense as well and since 6th is already coined we'll go with 7th. Let me give you some examples-

Example 1 - My three children are laughing and have a grand old time with there Dad in the family room. Wrestling, tickling, just general silliness. When lo and behold I feel the call of nature so I head to the bathroom. After all they aren't paying me any mind, that is until I'm behind a closed door with my pants at my ankles. It starts with the abrupt stop of the laughing. Then I hear the pattering of baby feet through the kitchen, across the wood floor to the bathroom door. I hear the flick of the door knob. Thankfully the girls don't know how to open doors yet and by now I know to lock the door. Then a gently tap on the door. The first inquisitive child has made enough noise to cause brother and sister to come investigate. Dade is now full on trying to open the door, asking me what I am doing, both girls have begun to bang on the door. Then they proceed to shove toys and fingers under the door as if they can somehow rescue me. After I finish, wash my hands and open the door you would think that I hadn't seen these three in a month. It's like a homecoming celebration. (I'm not gonna lie, I have stayed in the restroom for an extra min or two knowing I was safe behind the locked door.)

Example 2- I listen to the girls play and laugh downstairs every morning while I'm getting ready. They talk, squeal, yell and have a hoot of a time. Occasionally I hear their Dad say, "No don't put your dolly in the trash." or "Please don't push, smack, bite your sister." In general they are just having a smashing time that is until my leg comes over the gate keeping them from playing on the steps. Then the whining and crying starts they each attempt to tell me of the great injustices their father has imposed on them and demand that I pick them up.

Example 3-It's a perfect lazy Sunday afternoon. I've washed the lunch dishes, finished my grocery shopping, folded any outstanding laundry and all my babes are sleeping. There are a few minutes where I can steal a nap before they should be waking up. I head to my room take off my glasses, get snuggled under the covers and just as a drift off to sleep. There is crying, coughing, or talking. This same scenario could play out at night as well. I'm all prepared to drift off when someone needs to be tended to..

We will call this the umbilical sense. The unwavering need to be connected to mama regardless of her situation. Most days I love the extra special connection that my children have with me, but sometimes... well you know. Do you have any silly stories of your child(ren)'s 7th sense?

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