Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Inquiring Minds

**First thanks to everyone for there very supportive comments on my last post. I appreciate the support and that no one judged, love you, all of you, thank you so much for your friendship.**

On with the show...

You asked, because I asked you to, and I answer. If you still have a burning question you just need to know about me. Please leave is here. Now onto the questions that have already been asked.

When you met your husband, was it love at first sight?
Let’s answer this delicately; NO I thought he was very very handsome, but weird. I had just met my friend in real life after having met her over the phone and was being set up on a blind date with someone else. My husband was their babysitter that night and was writing his name over and over again on a piece of paper.

How many children did you WANT to have, how many WILL you have?
I always wanted 3, now I have three and I’m about 95% sure I want one more. My husband wants one more.

What is your most favourite thing about blogging?
Most favourite, would have to be all the people I have “met”. I feel like I really know many of you, I care about you, your lives, your kids. I cry and pray for people I’ve never met. I hope to be encouraging, humorous, and supportive to all that I now call friend.

P.S.- Kate I left favourite spelled with a "u" just for you even though my spell check didn't like it, nothing but love Kate..nothing-but-love.

Elizabeth and The Crayon Wrangler-
Love the ears hang low song. See my original post.

The CW wants to know about my ears.

My ears do not hang low, and I certainly cannot tie them in a knot or tie them in a bow, BUT I do have something to share about the ears in our family.
After seeing photos of my husband when he was younger I am pretty sure all of my children look just like him. Yes, I’m salty about this, I mean for goodness sake all that we women go through when pregnant and not one of my kids could have grey/blue eyes or blonde hair, COME ON!! (That takes us back to Kate’s second question, this last kid best look like me, just sayin’) Any who ears, yes we were talking about ears. I have detached lobes; I thought everyone in the world had detached lobes. Not so much, the hubs has ATTACHED lobes (which I just noticed recently, unfortunately I pride myself on being perceptive, notsomuch). My kids, well that is the one trait of mine that they inherited, all of them have detached lobes, not quite enough in my book to conclusively determine they are mine you know if they get lost in Target or something.

Holy Flippin’ Friday Follow, seriously you need to try it.

Do you have any tattoos? If so, how many, and of what?
No, I would love to get one or two or three. I would get a stargazer, my favorite flower on my shoulder, I would get my kids names on my other shoulder, and I would get 1Corinthians 13:13 on the small of my back with Jon’s name under it. Two things stop me; that I would have them for the rest of my life and at 80+ years old when my skin is sagging they will look less than desirable and because it will hurt, I’m a big chicken.

If you had to chose between going the rest of your life without chocolate, or the rest of your life without fried foods, which would you choose to go without?
As I type this I am unwrapping and shoving Hershey’s Bliss Dark Chocolates in my mouth like I won’t ever eat them again and thinking these or French Fries. UGH, such a hard choice but I’m gonna give up the fried food. A girl and her chocolate shall never be parted.

If you were a superhero, what would your name be? What colors would your costume be? Would you wear a mask? Or just take of your glasses and slick your hair back? What would your superpowers be?
SuperGal for sure. My costume would be green and purple with splashes of silver, very stylish and form flattering. No cape, ask Edna why..(name the movie, come on!!)
No mask, just take off the glasses and slick back the hair. Hey it works for Superman.
My powers- Able to handle loads of laundry in a single bound, magic sleeping power over all babies in the land, saving lives and caring for people all while being stylish, polite and friendly.

 Brianne, Momma Such, and Dondi-
So seriously, your kids have such beautiful names, so I HAVE to ask, how did you come up with them?
Jon brought Dade to the table before we were even married. He says he heard the name once before in a movie, but has no idea what the movie is. I just loved the name and feel like it fits him. Unfortunately, people have a hard time hearing it or registering it when we tell them his name. He has been called Dane and Dave many many times. Dade’s middle name is Juan, which is Jon's given first name.

Brennan’s name was on the list when I was convinced we were going to have boy/girl twins as our girl name, Eli was the boy name. At the time we watched the show Bones. One of the lead characters names is Tempress Brennan. We just loved the name, even after researching that it is traditionally a boy’s name we liked it better for a girl. Brennan’s middle name is Maria-Elizabeth. Maria is Jon’s Baba’s name, he was very close to her and wanted to honor her. Elizabeth is my paternal grandmother’s middle name and I wanted to honor her as well.

Coralee—Ahhh Coralee..
When we found out we were having two girls we were stumped for a second name for a long time. Jon wanted a “theme” so to speak so we were looking for a “C” name BCD. I really wanted to name her Coral or Cora-Elizabeth both were shot down. I also suggested Campbell, Cameron, Callie..none of them.. Frankly I started to panic a little when at 30+ weeks we still did not have a second name. The babies could come at any minute and the thought of having a nameless baby hurt my heart. So tru to form we were IM’ing while at work and Jon was popping up name after name and I was the one shooting his suggestions down when Coralee popped up and I fell in love. Coralee’s middle name is Virginia which is my middle name, she is the 5th generation to hold that middle name.

Arizona Mamma-
Do you break wind openly around your husband?
Leave to my girl to take it there. Look, I’ve got no shame, you bet your arse (yes intended). If you gotta you gotta, after all this man helped change my sheets after I pee’d myself getting an epidural and saw my guts laying on my body during two c-sections. What’s a little gas when you got love like that. PLUS, what’s good for the goose is good for the gander right??

All these were in my original post, for giggles I thought I would answer them too-

What's your favorite movie?
I'm really bad with movies, I watch them and then I forget them. I do really enjoy the Lord fo the Rings Trilogy.

How often do you go to Mama haven aka Target?
At least once a week, but I have been know to go three days in a row all for stuff we needed.

Have you ever been arrested?

Do twins run in your family?
Now they do (chuckle, chuckle, snort) and jump and throw dying llama hissy fits. In all seriousness we are not aware of any twins that are related to us.

How long have you been married?
A whooping 5 years this September 24th.

Do you have your nipple pierced?
See the tattoo answer, heck to the no.

So do you still have a burning question, something that you must know? Well come on don't be shy leave it in the comments.


Arizona Mamma said...

Love it! Oh, and me too by the way :) My husband says all the time "I'm pretty sure I married a man!" Cracks me up...him, not so much.

Brianne said...

The Incredibles!!

Haha! That's fantabulous! I was looking forward to your answers... ^_^

Brittney said...

lol these were great!

Anonymous said...

That's awesome! I LOVE your superhero!

I am Lee-Ann... said...

I love the name Coralee, so pretty. I have a neice named Loralee. :o)