Sunday, February 7, 2010

The Great Dig Out

I'm not sure how many feet of snow we got yesterday. Seriously, feet, I live in the Mid-Atlantic not the great white north. We have gotten alot of snow this year and guess what...the weather forecast is calling for approximately 6 more inches on Tuesday..OYE!!

The front steps are clear.

See WAAAAY past the mailbox where the street is plowed to one lane. Good chance we won't be getting mail for a while. Our side street and alley are still about three to four inches packed with a think layer of ice underneath.

My man hard at work.

Down the back steps on the path way to the driveway.

Ok, enough snow talk for now. I need to share a new Dadeism with you--

Row Row Row your boat
Chently down the street
Merry Merly Merry like a doctor dream

He serenated me with this tonight. So cute I love it.

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Arizona Mamma said...

Ha ha ha! "chently." Like Addyson saying "private-c"