Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Working Mom, That’s Me!!


Julia at Sweet as Punkin Pie hosts Working Mom Wednesday. She doesn't have a featured mama this week, but I couldn't pass up answering her question…


As a working mom, if you suddenly became a SAHM how do you think your life would be different?


Ok, so I'm making the assumption that if I was suddenly a stay-at-home mama it's because we have struck it rich, you know long lost relative or our magic numbers hit big on the LOTTO, because otherwise I would be stressing out looking for another job and I'm quite sure I would be miserable to be around. Yikes, distracted much, back to the question.


Ï    Mondays we would spend at home low key schedule. I would do laundry, clean the main level of the house, write many a blog posts in my head.

Ï    Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday after breakfast we would be out on an adventure. Parks, bounce houses, play dates, museums in DC, the Zoo(GAG!), Pool. Back home for a late nap and dinner preparation.

Ï    Fridays I would clean bedrooms, do my menu for the next week, and grocery shop (still on-line)

Ï    No more quick fix meals, healthy and homemade dinners.

Ï    I would exercise every morning and have quiet time.

Ï    During nap time I would straighten up or unload from the day, start dinner, handle other quick miscellaneous tasks.


How about you?? Are you a stay at home mama, how would life be different if you had to get a job? Hope over to Julia's link up or leave a comment here.



TAMMY said...

I think all of us working moms have the same ideas of what we would do if we could be at home!

Julia said...

it's so funny how us working moms think that if we were SAHM's we would be like supermom, all domesticated and stuff.... i admit... i don't know if i could do it!! that's probably why God blessed me with work!! ;)

CJ said...

I just know it would be hard work to be a SAHM. :)

CJ said...

I just know it would be hard work to be a SAHM. :)

Laura said...

That's exactly what I though my schedule would be like, then I became a SAHM and reality hit..doesn't quite happen like you envision it! But you get to hang out with cute kids all day. :)

Anonymous said...

I left something for you over at my blog :) Happy Wednesday

Christina said...

Great post!! Looks like you have it all planned out just in case those lucky number hit know...a wealthy relative bites the dust...LOL

Miss. Candy said...

I LOVE DC and all the free cool things you can do there!!! My kids LOVE the big pizza at the zoo!

Stopped by from Julia's!