Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Working Mom Wednesday (Bloggity Hop)

Julia over at Sweet as Punkin Pie is a fellow working mama. She had this FABU idea to put together a working mom community. I must say I have enjoyed reading her weekly Wednesday posts featuring a different working mom. Yours truly has filled out the questionnaire and is in queue. Today Julia has upped the ante and started a blog hop with a burning working mama question and there is a prize to boot.

Have you ever or would you ever call in "sick" if you weren't really sick? (to your job, or even a function that you were supposed to attend) Have you ever been "caught"?

Because of my length of tenure where I work I am afforded a lot more time off than my husband so this year when we had a less than dependable very sickly nanny I was the one who took off to care for our perfectly well children. I also had to take off the day after my husband was taken by ambulance to the emergency room due to an allergic reaction when the same nanny was sick once again. I was completely honest with my employer and grateful that they are so understanding towards me as a faithful employee and working mom. Unfortunately, I have exhausted all my time for this year due to the issue mentioned above, but I desire a mental health day to get a massage and some pampering.

Before I was a mama, there were a few times I called out sick when I really wasn't. On one particular occasion, I tried calling out after a going away party for a co-worker where I may have consumed a few too many alcoholic beverages and not enough food requiring me to take a cab home and leave my car at work. My boss being so loving and caring wasn't buying my "sick" excuse and showed up at my house to take me to work with music blaring, heavy braking and an egg sandwich in the car. Let's just say I learned my lesson.


Goldylocks aka Erin said...

OMG your boss showed up at your house?? Ha ha ha. That is so funny!!!

Your family is beautiful! Thanks so much for visiting my blog!!!

Miss. Candy said...

I am so happy Julia has put this together, it is great to find other working mom's!!

You should have asked the boss to take you to get your car while you were out! lol!

Julia said...

are you serious? that is so funny. so yes, you were caught!! THOSE are the stories i was dying to hear!!

but isn't it awesome to work for someone who is willing to work wit your sick kids and sick nannies. those kinds of jobs are the best!

thanks for playing along today!! hop to see you next week!

(p.s. did you want to be a featured working mommy?? do i already have your info??)