Wednesday, December 16, 2009

It's Working Mom Wednesday

Julia at Sweet as Punkin Pie is a working mom, like me, bringing us together in community. Last week she started posting a question along with a highlighted working mom

Today's question-

With all the demands of working and motherhood, how do you manage to make time for your husband?

This is a tough question, not necessarily to answer, but to reveal the metamorphosis in our relationship.
Before kids we spent a lot of time together playing video games, watching TV, cooking dinner, goofing off at the grocery store, we are both admitted homebodies so even when we were sans kids we did not go out that frequently. After Dade joined our family we still enjoyed many of the same things I already mentioned. The along came the diva and the daredevil, there was no more 2-to-1 ratio, we have to play zones and many days it's exhausting. We have been on one official "date" once since the girls were born. There are little ways we find time to spend together. As I have said before we do work at the same company and are able to eat lunch together everyday, while this is good face time it is not a time where we can hash out family problems, talk about our budget or discuss our sex life, since we eat at my desk and I share an office with three men. Some days we ride to work together, we have had some good quality discussions. Finally, we almost always eat dinner together as a family, which usually consists of a lot of listening to Dade's day and working on manners. A lot of our together time happens when the kids are sleeping right now. We watch movies during naptime on Sundays, we chat while we are both on the computer or watch TV after our lovies are tucked safely in bed. I miss that we don't have more time for each other right now, but I know it's only a season that is slowly changing as the girls age.

Are you a working mom? Do you have any pointers for me to spend more time with my hubs? Leave your answer in my comments or if you have a blog jump on Julia's blog hop.


Miss. Candy said...

Just think, when are kids are all grown up we will have so much time with our spouses that we won't know what to do! lol!

Laura said...

I don't work but Matt does and he goes to school too so he is rarely home. We don't usually get to do big special things but we do everything else together when he is home. We give the kids a bath together, make dinner together, go grocery shopping, etc. It works. :)

Julia said...

i'm in the same boat... together time is usually relaxing and chatting while watching movies or checking emails. hopefully once the kids are in school it will get a little betteR!!! thanks for playing along!