Monday, November 23, 2009

WHO? ME? Certainly Not.

I haven't not-me'd in a while so I thought this Monday I would play along with MckMama's weekly blog carnival, even thou it appears she is not.

I most certainly did not leave my three lovies at home with my hubs on Saturday for 4 hours to enjoy some me time and find my hot mom hair again. (Shout out to Mama M.)

I most certainly do not still allow my children to play in the plastic cabinet in the kitchen, since they do not have enough toys in baskets and all over the family room floor. So I certainly would not have had this brought to me, by a screaming little girl -

Once the car was removed, she surely would not have shoved it back in the cup to start the whole process again.

Not that I would attempt to take a screaming child's picture. If I had certainly my distraught child would not stop crying and smile for the camera. And I certainly don't let a 1 year old play dress-up in her older brother's clothes.


On Saturday night I did not watch Coralee frantically smear spaghetti off of her high chair tray all over the kitchen. Had this happened I certainly would not have stopped looking in her direction due to the skin crawling mess she was not creating.

Both girls certainly did not need a pre-bath, bath which did not include filling the tub rinsing them and then filling the tub to clean them off. We certainly have not banned spaghetti for the girls until they are able to eat with forks and not like wild banshees.

I did not just learn that my point and shoot camera has manual overrides. Netting me some new quality pictures.

I am fully aware of all the capabilities of the technology at my finger tips. Or not considering Dade looks like a SMURF.

So what have you not been up to lately?? No blog? Leave me a comment or hop over to MckMama's she swears (except she doesn't swear in real life) that she reads them all, even on vacation (ok, so I added that part)


Elizabeth said...

The car in the cup...been there, done that. Kids are funny!

Jenilee said...

spaghetti is such a messy kid food! my girls like to eat it but it sure makes a mess everywhere.

I found some fun settings on my point and shoot too. :) fun!

Laura said...

Woohoo for hot mom hair, good for you!! Spaghetti is SUCH a mess, it is always bath time right after dinner on those nights, ugh! :) Great Not-Me!

The (Un)Experienced Mom said...

Why do kids have to shove things in tight spaces, therefore getting them stuck? They ALL do it!

I have not been slacking on blog reading, that's for sure! ;-)