Tuesday, November 10, 2009

A Birthday Party-

brought to you by a firstborn over achiever

We held the girls birthday party on Saturday, because it's the weekend (duh!) and we had out of town family coming to the party. As I mentioned before we were going with a rainbow theme. I thought it would be cheap and easy. Buy some colorful balloons, the cheapest plates, utensils and napkins from the party store, have it catered to keep it easy on myself. Well, then it happened my firstbornedness(new word just go with it) flared up and I needed to do something over the top.

And then I saw this-

I originally found the recipe here and I thank Amanda for sharing it with the unknown masses. And then of course to kick it up a notch rather than put the layers together with frosting I made and used pastry cream.
Oh, wait it gets better. I made rainbow cupcakes
and filled them with pastry cream too.

I am an overachiever and I need help. A simple easy peasy party turned into 4 days of preparation, sometimes I seriously annoy myself. Oh! but the cake was so moist and the cream cheese frosting divine.

Enough about me already. On to the party--

Coralee, Uncle Buddy (my brother) and Brennan

Coralee (a little excited)
Brennan (just as excited as sissy)

It's messy..

What? Messy? It's delicious


Coralee didn't like getting messy, so she pretended she was bobbing for apples cupcake.

Yum Books

Yum Glow worm (B)

Hi! baby glow worm (C)
I'm smiling but sooo sleepy. (C)

Smiling through sleepy eyes (B)

Party is over. There is nothing to see here people. We need a bath and bed.
*-some photos were contributed by my Aunt Carolyn and Uncle Bill


Adge said...

The rainbow birthday cake looks great.
Thanks for stopping by my blog.

CJ said...

I love it Heidi! Great idea!!

Pennie Bixler said...

That cake is the absolute BEST!!!!

Laura said...

Great pictures, looks like they had a fun birthday party!! :)

Eric Angela & Brandon said...

You out did yourself. That cake was just thrilling to see. I can't believe it has been one year. The girls are beautiful!

Amy C said...

Holy crap that cake is AWESOME!!! I just made a 2 layer yesterday and thought that was impressive:-) And you made cupcakes??!!
Okay, the yum books and glow worm gave me a nice chuckle..so cute!!!
The girls look adorable!

Confessions Of A Working Mom said...

First, will you adopt me? That cake looks PHENOMENAL!!! WOW. What talent. I can't even pop a bag of popcorn without burning half of it.

Second, my daughter wore the same crown/tiara for her first-birthday-cake-smashing-adventure. You know what they say about great minds!


Brianne said...

Wow awesome!! You are impressive! Cute pics too!

Chell said...

Lovin' that cake! It's too cute! Looks like the party was a smashin' great time!

Adriane said...

You are TOO much! I am so impressed you pulled off the party AND baked the cake! Looks like the girls had fun. The rainbow cake is so cool.