Sunday, May 10, 2009

To my mom-

Well if I accurately figured out how to write a post in advance and publish later this little gem should be hitting from 3 to 5 on Sunday the 10th of May. A relatively ordinary Sunday, except its Mother’s day; so this post is written in honor of my Mom.

First, Mom I’m sorry I’m not with you today. I will call you and remind you how much I love you, but I thought I would do it in words first. Of course you know I am at the beach doing my same routine only with a pool relaxing poolside and having a drink.


To my mama,

When you said the spanking would hurt you more than it hurt me, I get it now
When you said you didn’t have a favorite, I get it now
When you encouraged me to be independent, I get it now
When sometimes your eyes looked sad, I get it now
When you cried for me, I get it now
When you angry with me, I get it now
When you got frustrated with me, I get it now
When you were happy for me and jealous for yourself, I get it now
When you sacrificed friends, I get it now
When you went without new things, I get it now
When you stayed home to be with me, I get it now
When you dreamed big dreams for me, I get it now
When you ate tacos for me, I get it now ;o)

When you let me go, I’m dreading it now
When you married me off, I’m dreading that now too.

I love you, mom. More than words can truly express. I understand more now that I am a mom just how much you loved me, even if you weren’t always able to show me (but am sure glad that you do now). I appreciate what you have done and continue doing for me. I know you sometimes feel guilty for the maybes (should have, could have, would have) but in my humble opinion I turned out great. You did the very best job you could and I truly believe God ordained me to be your daughter. Finally, I'm so very glad that we are closer now. Kisses and Hugs to you today MAMA!!!!


Anonymous said...

No matter ow old you are; you're still my little girl
Love MOM

Anonymous said...

I haven't visited your blog in a little while (well, maybe more than a little while). I just read your Mother's Day posting. What a beautiful tribute to your mom! I just bawled while reading it. The closest thing to a manual for raising children is how our parents raised us -- And you are a good mom! Aunt Carolyn