Tuesday, May 5, 2009

This, that and what not

The girls will be six months old on Saturday. It's hard to believe how quickly time has flown by and yet some days seem to last FOREVER.

Each of the girls has a tooth. Brennan is the bottom right front tooth and Coralee's is the left. We have a scooter (as evidenced below). Both girls are getting on their hand and knees and rocking back and forth.

Sleep situation - No comment

Brennan scootin'

Dade is going stir crazy with all the rain and being cramped inside. I'm not sure if his new found attitude is pent up energy or him being nearly three years old, but he is in a new hitting phase. The minute he is told "no" its like his arm has a swing reflex. It's frustrating and annoying that when i come home from work he is going in time-out no less than 3 times before bed, this is the not so fun side of parenting. Oh! and when he goes in time-out he is making faces and laughing and asking if he is funny. This is soo irritating, I want to laugh because quite frankly he is funny, but it is also making me more frustrated that he is not learning the lessons that are putting him in time-out.

Dade is daily attempting to master the English language. A few weekends ago we ordered dinner out and got Dade corn dog bites, yes super nutritious I know. While he was eating he looked at his Dad and said, "Papa, Dade likes porn dogs." heeehehehee too cute


We are headed to Virginia Beach this weekend for Uncle Sean's graduation from Regent University. (Bonus - It's Mother's Day and we are staying Saturday night too). I'm usually quite the planner with lists and pre-packing prior to the actual packing. But so far for this trip no lists no pre-packing and so far no freaking out. I certainly hope this doesn't turn into all out panic on Thursday night. I'm a little nervous about the five of us in one room. I certainly hope the girls will be ok sharing a pack-n-play as well as not having their humidifier and fan. I also am hopeful that Dade will sleep through them waking up or that they will sleep through the night, you know since they will be six months old. We may need some extra days off from our weekend away.


Anonymous said...

OMG, I can't believe they're almost 6 months already!

You'll probably say, "Dah, of course" but have you tried cereal in the formula of the last bottle before you put them down for the night?

Love ya -- Aunt Carolyn

heather said...

that's not a scoot! your girl is flat out doing the marine corps low crawl. she's showing off for daddy!

love the porn dog comment.
i'll be seeing you soon- and those CUTE BABY GIRLS!!!