Thursday, May 21, 2009

Do you laugh or cry?

Last night around ten o'clock Jon and I were preparing to head off to bed. The twilight bottles were made and I was closing down some stuff on the computer when i heard a thump in the laundry room. No big deal the laundry detergent has fallen off the dryer, I'll go pick it up and we will head upstairs. As i walk into the laundry room and grab the detergent I feel something slimy on my foot. I flick on the light in the laundry and find that the brand new detergent bottle has fallen just so the seam in the 96 load container has split. There is detergent on the floor, wall, and blinds. So do you laugh or cry? You are sleepy and longing for bed or just delirious at the comedy of what has happened. Jon and I chose to laugh at this small misfortune and proceed to cleaning the floor and walls and blinds along with everything other little thing in the laundry room that seemed to be splattered with detergent.
But what about the busted seam on the detergent bottle you may be asking yourself? Or did all the detergent from the brand new bottle spray out?
Luckily no, not all of the detergent was in our laundry room and not the bottle. As for the mending of our economy size Tide container, can you imagine what I may have used as a band-aid to seal the seam shut. I'll give you a hint it's grey and waterproof.... Did you guess??

Unh-huh it's more fabulosity now in the laundry room. :o)

My Masterpiece
I'm gonna wrap this post up with some kiddie cuteness.
Here is my Boo-Bear(Brennan) displaying her un-assisted sitting skills. She is also blowing raspberries, clucking her tongue and fake coughing, then laughing at herself. She tried to entertain me with these skills after taking a bottle at 3am this morning. I tried so hard to not engage her, but the fake coughing but me over the edge and I laughed out loud.

Cocolo(Coralee) also displaying her skills at sitting. I posted about a week ago regarding her temper tantrum, not much has changed except the frequency with which they are thrown and what seems to set her off. She will be quietly playing on the floor squirming around and then you would think she was being tortured based on the noise coming from her. It makes me so excited for her to turn two.

**Note-Once again I think the girls are looking alot alike. If I didn't know what they were wearing when I snapped these shots I might have confused them.

Finally, my little baby big boy. Here is a video of him practicing his ABC's. It's missing some letters, but he does know them all and recognizes them on his alphabet puzzle. I am amazed at the things he can remember these days songs, words in the right context and phrases. I am looking to getting him into a preschool or day care in the fall.

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