Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Why Didn't I think of That?

When the girls first started eating cereal Jon and I looked at each other and said there is no way we will be able to do this without one adult to child ratio. Then just a few days after we started cereal I received am e-mail message from babycenter. Listed in the top ten picks was the Boon BPA Free Squirt. Due to it's funny looking shape I had to click on it and check it out. I thought to myself this might really work and it did. Jon or I can feed both girls at the same time with out messing with scraping bowls or keeping food on the spoon.

How it works- Prepare the cereal or dump the contents of a baby food container the plastic covered part. Then squeeze to fill the spoon and feed. The girls didn't seem to notice the change in spoons and now suck the food right off the spoon. Feeding times are quicker and less mess. I was even able to take pictures of myself feeding Brennan the other day, but I don't have them her at work. There are two disadvantages, as the girls eat more the space is limited in the spoon, but very easy to "re-load" & when you are nearing the end the spoon tends to spit a little because of the air. All in all, two thumbs up from us.

Ahh and the HALO Sleep Sack, I want one for myself and so does Jon. A wearable blankets for the babes. The girls now know it's nighttime when they get all snuggled up in them. None of our children liked being swaddled. Dade was busting out of the swaddle at the hospital, Brennan made it home for a couple of days and Coralee lasted a week longer. After that it was stretch, fight and scream to get out of confinement. It made me terribly nervous to put a blanket on the kiddos, but didn't know I had any other options. With Dade I did not know about this wonderful invention called the sleep sack. It comes in many sizes and now we can't live without it.


Adriane said...

I hear those feeding spoons are fantastic. My sister in law used it with my nephew and he loved it. I am getting ready for a weekend with DH out of town and I am so nervous about the solid food feedings as I'll be outnumbered. :-)

The sleep sack looks great. I'll have to look into those.

Pink-CJ said...

Hey< I found your blog through THE COOK TWINS blog. You have some great ideas already for twins. Thanks! I am still the trying to feed them with a bottle at the same time. I'll have to buy that spoon thing when they get to solids. Cute babies!

cat said...

Oh yes, I also love sleep sacks. I think ours might still make this winter - well, I hope. I only started solids at 6 months on the whole foods diet.

Heather said...

I am so ordering one of those spoons right now!! Thank you! Have a great weekend!