Thursday, March 12, 2009

Relaxing Tuesday

I took the day off on Tuesday; Ally (the nanny) needed the day off to take a test. Since it was the day after the girls turned four months old I decided I would take them to the doctor and enjoy a day off. That my friends is where it all went south..

The planning actually started on Sunday, when I told a girlfriend from church that I would be off and invited her to the house for a play date. Since she is a one car family she said she would call me once she worked out the logistics with her husband. She called me on Monday during the witching hour (aka – Who can scream the loudest? And it actually lasts about an hour and a half) Since they host youth group on Tuesday night it is really difficult for her to pick up her husband and feed her family in time to be ready when the teenagers start arriving, but she would love to have us over and to boot Dade could stay while I took the girls to the doctor.
I called her back the next morning around 9, while I was feeding the girls. I would definitely like to come over and would leave my house between 10 and 10:30, but first I had a sink full of dishes to wash. I was successful! At 10:27am I pulled away from the front of the house with everyone and everything needed for the day. Dade was SOOO excited to be going to Joshua’s house AND baby jaguar got to go with us. Yes, that’s right I am the best mom ever.
As I was preparing to leave Nicole’s house my phone rang. It’s the doctor’s office, here is how my conversation went-

Dr. Office- “I’m glad I caught you before you left. Dr. R usually sees your twins but I see you have an appointment with the nurse today. The nurse can’t see your twins because they are under six months old. Dr. R can see you next week.”
Me- “I’m not off next week. I’m off today and when I called I specifically verified that it was okay for them to see the nurse and that they would be able to get their shots. So are you saying I don’t have an appointment today?”
Dr. Office- “Hmmmm I’m not sure why they would tell you that. When is your next day off?”
Me- “May” (getting really irritated)
Dr. Office- “Oh, ummm wow, May? Hang on a minute.”
Me- “Nicole, I am going to hit someone. I specifically asked if the nurse could see the girls and I was told she could, because their regular doctor was on hospital rounds this week.”
Dr. Office- “You can come in today, Dr. R is coming back to the office and will see them. (This implies that the office is not attached to the hospital, but it is.) (Also, said with annoyance in her voice.)
So we’re off. I arrive at the office at 12:45 the recommended 15 minutes prior to my 1pm appointment and still have to wait 25 minutes. Why?
When I check in the receptionist informs me the girls are meeting with the nurse. No, I’m sorry that is not accurate I just got off the phone with the office and was advised that Dr. R is here.

Finally, Dr. appointment and shots- check.
As a side note I love Dr. R, he is very gentle with the girls and more importantly remembers us as a family. I appreciate that.
Since Jon works at the hospital we take the girls over to meet his co-workers. I endure my fair share of stupid twin comments and questions, with a smile on my face.

Holy hell its 2:30 and I need to go to the grocery store to get formula. We are off to Giant, the only place I can find their formula these days. As I pull into the parking lot I take the space next to the buggy holder thinking this will give me more space to maneuver the stroller, car seats and diaper bag. I got to the back take the stroller out and set it up. Then I get Brennan from behind the driver’s seat, I head around to the other side of the van and realize I’m a smidgen close. Ok, it’s more than a smidgen; I can’t get the van door open past Brennan’s car seat. Somehow I manage to get Coralee out nearly impaling myself on the side mirror and dragging Brennan’s car seat on the ground. There is a man in his car on the other side of the buggy holder watching and laughing at me. Yes they are both mine, yes I have had them for four months, and no I don’t always look this incompetent. Both of the girls are asleep, great I’ll be able to get in and out.
Into the store, first stop coffee filters and hot cocoa. Why do the coffee filter labels have the dimensions listed on them? Show of hands, who knows the dimensions of your coffee filter? Why can’t it just say, “Excuse me, overly tired mama and coffee drinker, I am the filter you need for a 4 cup pot.” "Oh! Thank you coffee filter company that was easy. I’m glad I didn’t need to know the depth of my filters at home in centimeters."
Off to get the cocoa. As I’m picking up my cocoa a very loud man walks by and exclaims, “WOW!, you have your hands full.” Brennan is startled awake and begins screaming. I contemplate leaving the store, but we really need the formula. I put the grocery basket on my arm and attempt to push the stroller one handed drawing as little attention as possible. Grab the formula, self check-out. The attending cashier has pity on me and bags my groceries.
Oh! frick, I forgot how close the other car is to the van. I load both girls through the rear door on the Driver’s side, its 3:15pm. Brennan is still screaming.
We are home, its 3:20. I quickly run to the back of the van grab the groceries, diaper bag and the mail to unlock the door. As I sit stuff down I realize I haven’t pee’d all day, oh goodness. Back out to the van grab both screaming girls, attempt to walk up the front steps crossed leg. (not something I had on my to-do list for life)-check.
Go potty, make the bottles, grab the girls out of their car seats, grab the remote, plug ‘em up, turn on the TV, its 3:45.

What a relaxing day…


Adriane said...

LOL, I feel your pain. I always get laughed at when I venture to the store with the girls. My favorite comment is, "My you are brave." REALLY? Brave is staying home with two screaming children, sir. :-)

Glad you got them into the Dr appt as planned. That would have made me so mad!!!

Heather said...

That was painful for you, I know, but it was a little amusing to me (because I have been through it too). I rarely take the girls out anywhere, but I always get the DUMBEST comments from people. Like they are both wearing pink and people say "are they boys?". What??Sigh.

Hope you have a relaxing weekend.

cat said...

Hallo Heidi - found jou on Jaxon and Brady's blog. Your kids are so cute! I am also a twin mom (boys 17 months), have a first child (4 years) and work full time. We sure have a lot in common. Yeah and I still struggle with suicide hour sometimes.

Pink-CJ said...

OMG!! I need stories like this to make me feel better. I am scared to go out of the house with both of them by myself.! GO GIRL!