Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Some pics, some videos, and a quiz..

So, we are starting to think he might be watching too much TV. Can you tell what he is saying?

Did you know Jon and I live with a superhero? That's right Batman, the one and only caped crusader right her in Virginia. We even have a bat cave, he refers to it as the playroom, but there is no sense in splitting hairs over it.

Please let the above photos serve as proof positive that Dade has a bit of a camera issue right now. He really did try to smile with his eyes open for each photo.

Here is a great smile. I love these guys with all my heart.


Can you tell who is who? Please leave a comment to submit your answer, there isn't a prize just bragging rights.

Oh! and I love these girls with all my heart, too.

In case you didn't catch it the first time. Sorry this is so dark.


Angel Elizabeth said...

the girls look soooo different :( i honestly cannot tell who is who. and dade is so goofy...i tell everyone about his "i got people". they are probably sick of hearing about your kids...but do i look like i care? love you give them kisses for me and hang a picture some where so they dont forget me!

granma & granpa said...

Dade just keeps getting smarter.
Brennan is on the right in the white outfit; Coralee is on the left in the grey outfit.

Juan said...

Coralee is in white and Brennan is in grey.....

Adriane said...

Hi there! Your girls are so darn cute!!! Thanks for your commment on my blog - I'll be following along on yours for sure - I love reading about other twins and their families!