Tuesday, February 10, 2009

sniff sniff..CHOMP?

The snot is free flowing in our house, nice. It seems to have hit Dade the worst. Yesterday his eyes looked blackened and his nose was soo runny. The node/gland in his neck is enormous. It looks as though he has a golf ball trapped under his skin, but he says it doesn't hurt. We have been referred to an ENT for the issue and will be seeing him on Monday. The girls also have runny noses and their sleep/eat schedule has been a mess. Yesterday was awful for Ally, they wouldn't sleep and only wanted to be held one way with her standing up. How do babies know when you sit down?? I've never understood that. Anyway, last evening after dinner Brennan was finally asleep, but Coralee was screaming her head off. I tried dancing, rocking, singing, talking and the paci. Finally, I washed my hands and stuck my finger in her mouth to feel her gums. I didn't feel anything, but she immediately stopped crying and started cooing and gurgling at me with my finger in her mouth. Could it be teeth already? I was hoping they could sleep through the night prior to the whole teething business.
Speaking of the night. I think Coralee could and would sleep through the night, but right now we still wake her when Brennan wakes. Any other twins mamas what is your night time plan? If you did wake both at the same time at night when did you stop?
For the family- I promise some pictures soon. And hopefully a cute video of Dade if I can figure out how to upload it? AND a name that baby quiz...

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Heather said...

Hi Heidi! I hope everyone feels better soon. I haven't been very structured with the twins, which is probably not a good thing. We never woke the other one up. It has probably led to more trouble than good, but I could just not wake a sleeping baby. I'm a sucker, lol!

We have 1 exersaucer and 1 jumperoo. They both like the jumperoo way more than the exersaucer. The nice thing about our jumperoo is that it has a head rest as the girls still need a little extra head/neck support. It is the Fisher Price Rainforest one. I kinda wish we had two, but it isn't a huge deal like it was with the swings!