Wednesday, January 28, 2009


Today the schedule went in the crapper. UGH!
Coralee woke up at 2:15 this a.m., ARE YOU KIDDING ME?, I have only had three hours of sleep at this point. I thought surely she wasn't hungry, so we rocked and rocked and rocked. She remained quiet but did not go back to sleep. So I gave her a bottle, but did not wake up Brennan and I have learned my lesson. We have always woken the "other baby" when one wakes up. My reasoning escapes as to why I did not do this last night, my general guess is delirium. Coralee returns to bed at 3:15, just as I'm drifting off I hear fussing Brennan is awake at 3:30 OFTA!! This early morning mistake set the pace for today. The girls have been off by an hour the entire day. There were only brief windows where they were both sleeping at the same time. So finally at 4:30 I pushed Coralee's feeding back and Brennan took hers early and all is right in my world again. Well except that I'm still short on some sleep.

Dade had an ultrasound on his neck today and did fabulously. He has had a swollen lymph node/gland for quite some time. His old pediatrician "remedied" the situation with strong antibiotics which reduced the swelling but never made it completely go away. Our new family doctor said it doesn't hurt to get a look at it in case there is a cyst or something worse. I don't want to know what something worse is. Anyway, back to today's appointment, the radiologist didn't see anything abnormal. The results will be sent to our Doctor. If it needs to be escalated the next step would be a biopsy, that is a little scary but not definite.
Pics of the girls for the fam. I'm sorry there are none of Dade. He tends to make a strange face these days in an attempt to smile. I'm hoping it's a phase. We refer to him as Chandler if you have ever seen that episode of Friends.

Brennan enjoying the highchair, possibly hoping for a little cereal action, sporting her "Princess" bib.

Coralee sleeping.

Brenna-boo sleeping.

Brennan- "Any bats in the cave mama?"

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