Thursday, July 22, 2010

People..It’s Just Thursday

Outside my window.. it's hot hot hot and humid humid humid (it does wonders for the hair)
The time is.. 1:15 pm (lunch-time)
Today I feel.. wiped out from this heat
I am thinking.. about abandoning blogging, twitter and facebook.
At the moment, I am thankful.. for such a sweet husband
I am going.. to Charleston in a few weeks for an overnight trip with work.
I am wearing.. multi-colored cotton top, black slacks and patent leather sandals
I wish.. life came with an instruction manual sometimes.
I am reading.. ok, I admit it, I'm not a reader {hangs head in shame}
I am working on.. software implementation. It is OH so fun! or not.
I am hoping.. we have beautiful weather this weekend!
I am hearing.. country music.
Around the house.. it's empty
I bet you didn't know.. my baby boy turns 4 on August 10th. I'm not ready for this.
One of my favorite.. times of year is fall and it can't get here soon enough.
My weekend plans include.. my best girl from work is coming over with her little boy on Saturday, then church on Sunday


Murdock's mama said...

OKay first can not & will not abandon blogger!! :)
Super humid here too! :( When you find lifes instruction manual could you please mail one to me...please & thanks! :) I'm praying for beautiful weather this weekend too! Have a great weekend & thanks for linking up again!

Murdocks Mama

Goldylocks aka Erin said...

No! No! No! You can not abandon blogger or twitter. I absolutely forbid you from doing so. I would miss you.

Helga said...

ABONDOND BLOGGER????? I could live without twitter and facebook but not blogger!!!

I love fall....the colors and the air and everything :o)

Have a great Thursday!!

Brodricks said...

I just found you so you can't leave!!!!

Stoppin by from Murdock's Mama and your newest follower!