Monday, March 15, 2010

The weekend in Pictures

My crazies on Saturday morning on the couch. You can see now why the girls are always rocking the Pebbles hair-do. Yes their hair really is that long.
Me and the most handsome boy evah! (Pay no mind to my closed eyes, just look at my HOT hair)
Oh!! yes he did sport that mohawk, at the bride's request.

Soo Cute.

The beautiful bride being escorted by her Dad.

The rings.

They are husband and wife AND my camera sucks.

So sweet.

We are in trouble, we have a lady's man on our hands.

Who needs a girl when you've got moves like this?
There were several times that we lost Dade to the dance floor and several times when he was dancing with the brides girlfriends from college.

Let's not forget sisterly love.

We did also get some professional photos taken on Friday evening I don't have any to share, but trust me when I say AH-MAZ-ING!!


Kate said...

Lovely pictures!

Definitely hot hair.

Your kids are SO CUTE! I love pebbles hair. My daughter rocks it too ;-)

Thinking about you a lot today. Hope all is well.

Angie said...

AWESOME pics. I am glad the bride approved of the mohawk, as he definitely rocks the look with that fabulous sweater vest!

And the next two the last picture of the girls is just beautiful.

This post brightened my day, thanks.

Miss. Candy said...

How cute! I love the spikey do! The girls are adorable too!!!

Helga said...

I love the mohawk and the pebbles look :o) The kids are too cute!!!

Your hair looks HOT!!!! I love it!!!

Goldylocks aka Erin said...

Oh my gosh..Dade's's awesome! I love that he wanted to be out on the dance floor!

And your hair? It IS hot!!!

Sounds like you had a good time.

Sonora said...

I love these pictures! I have too many favorites to pick only one to comment on. Let me just say, your kids are adorable and your hair did look great! Looks like a successful weekend!

Arizona Mamma said...

The kids are adorable and your hair looks great.

I love his dance moves...particularly the pointed hands...priceless.

I am Lee-Ann... said...

Looks like a great day!

Brianne said...

What cutie patooties!!!

You're son made one handsome ring bearer! (Loved the hot hair too! ^_^)

Aw, I would have loved to see the pro pics!!

ps i nominated you for an award because you R O C K!!!! stop by and ch, checkidy, check it out!

Rachel M. said...

Cute photos and definitely great hair on both of ya'll!

Heather said...

Love the pictures! And that hair is just too cute!