Tuesday, March 2, 2010

It's Baaaack

Truthful Tuesday that is..

Elizabeth's brought back Truthful Tuesday from it's February hiatus.

Confessions from a Working Mom

Today's question-

How did you tell the Hubs (or your family!) You Were Pregnant?

Ok, two pregnancies and two tellings(yeah that's not a word and I don't care) for each: one to the hubs and one to my parents.

Before we were even married Jon and I decided together that we would forego any and all birth control. I only have one ovary and the doctors could never definitively tell me if this would affect my ability to have a child. The official answer was it could or it couldn't. We married in September of 2005 and in early December I was feeling off. I had received some pregnancy tests at my bachelorette/bridal shindig from a very anxious girlfriend. It was a Sunday afternoon, I had just mustered up enough energy to take a shower at 1pm after sleeping until 11am and thought what the hey I'll take a test. It was instantly positive. I called for Jon, holding the test and the directions in my hand; he was feeling under the weather and grouchy. So I asked him to read the directions to think if he thought I was reading it right. He said he thought so, but would look at it more after he took a nap. No big deal I was tired too. So we both lay down. I know how non-exciting right? Not convinced I was pregnant I took two more tests all positive. Finally, Jon said well maybe you should check with your doctor, we were trying not to get too excited. I'm here to tell you three positive tests, pretty much rock solid that you are indeed pregnant.

Since we had only been married a few months and it was close to Christmas time we presented my parents with a gift at Christmas of our wedding DVD. Then told them there was more to the gift. When my mom pulled out a pair of baby booties she started to cry, my dad wasn't quite as excited, but he came around.

Now for the twinks.. Jon was between jobs in March of 2008 and doing some temp work at my place of business. I was sitting at my desk when suddenly and continuously my breasts were hurting. So bad that I wanted to get them off of me, not really a feasible solution but that is the kind of pain I was in. We came home from work that night and I took a test. Again it was instantly positive, I calmly walked downstairs, Jon was playing with Dade and said, "Looks like we did it again."  No big deal, I'll handle the initial doctor visit on my own. I instantly saw the two sacs and freaked out on the inside, then my doctor confirmed it looked like there were two in there but to wait about 4 more weeks to confirm heartbeats. I immediately called Jon when I left the doctor.

Me- "Are you sitting down?"
Jon- "Why, what's wrong? Are you still pregnant?"
Me- "Oh, I'm pregnant, really pregnant. There are two."
Jon- "Huh?"
Me- "Two, twins, two babies, but I need to have another ultrasound in a few weeks to make sure there are heartbeats."
Jon- "Two, what?"
Me- "Twins, I'm pregnant with twins."
Jon- "How did that happen?"
Me- "Ummm.."
Jon- "I mean really, two, wow, just wow"

After the second ultrasound we told my parents. I had actually had a dream about twins prior to getting pregnant and my dad joked about it the day I had the ultrasound. I thought he already knew and I was going to be bummed. We showed them the pictures and my mom cried again and my dad smiled.

So how did you tell your hubs or your family? I would love to know.

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Confessions From A Working Mom said...

How can you not read that story and smile? I love how your mother's intuition knew something was up with the twins-- how incredible! I can't even imagine what a shock that must have been, even given your dream and your joking with your dad!

Confessions From A Working Mom

Just Jenn said...

Its your memory... doesn't have to be 'romantic'... it will remain with you forever... just as it was! Beautiful in its own way!

Me.. I was SO horribly sick... we knew... I cried... I was kinda happy.. but SO sick I just wanted the nausea to go away... the vomiting to stop... It never did... both times... 9 months of misery! I dreamed of blissful pregnancies... alas... I am thankful for the babies... the rest was out of my control! =)

Just Jenn~

FrouFrouBritches said...

First of all, if you lived down South, a "tellin" is a story telling told by a person - that is totally a word!

Second of all, great story. I love it that you were too tired to take another test right then. That's so funny!

Shell said...

What great stories! I only took 1 test w/my older two but 3 with my 3rd. LOL

Shell said...

Okay, sorry that went through twice...ugh.

k said...

I love the conversation between you and your husband about the twins. "I'm really pregnant"! Very cute.