Thursday, March 18, 2010

Girlfriend!!! Where you been?

Sorry for my absence friends to say that taking off for three days last week was a bad idea would be an understatement. I have mentioned before that I am working on a pretty major project at work. For the record the wedding was in the works loooonnggg before the project.
Let me give you a few quick details on this project. Myself and one other full-time person are responsible for implementing a complete database change for the entire company. WOW!! that is alot of pressure. So Monday started with frantic clean up of the three days I missed and preparing for our implementation specialist who would be visiting from out of town on Tuesday and Wednesday. Did I mention this system is supposed to go-live on the 5th of April. (That's two weeks) I also left work early on Monday because Dade had been complaining of hurting ears since Sunday morning. The poor boy had the beginnings of a double ear infection.
Tuesday went off without a hitch.. then came Wednesday morning. I come downstairs after getting ready and my husband says...

Coralee threw up
The heater probably needs to be replaced. We have no heat it appears the humidifier leaked into the furnace and on to the carpet downstairs. Now it doesn't come on.
I'm (Jon)dry heaving

Top O the morning to YA!! aye?

Everything is fine now, except the heater. Luckily the weather has warmed significantly and we haven't needed it. Someone came out and looked at it today. Jon needs to follow up with them in the morning.

In the meantime at work I'm working my tail off in the office and the decision is finally made that we will do a phased roll-out, but the pressure is not off. After the implementation specialist left we have more to do than when she came.

Then personally I'm reading So Long Insecurity by Beth Moore and doing a book club co-lead by Kate and the Crayon Wrangler. The book is rocking my world. The bullying post a wrote was just the tip of the iceburg of the healing I need to go through, but it's such a good thing. After talking to my mom I believe that some of the things I am dealing with are generational, but I'm willing to confront them to spare my babies. It's been awesome.

All that to say I apologize for my absence. I miss you, I miss my Google Reader, I don't like when it says there are 300+ posts for me to read. I have awards to accept, comments to make (I've been slacking this week), and drafts to finish.

Thanks for not giving up on me and please check out my giveaway. By the way, the giveaway was post 200- I really have that much to say??


Courtney said...

Hang in there, Heidi! Praying for you!

I am Lee-Ann... said...

Busy busy busy! Entered your giveaway!