Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Oh how apropos

It's Wednesday. I realize this is not a revelation to any, myself included.
I had such high hopes for my little blog this week. I had planned to start and finish a blod blogging post to link up with Sarah at Kingdom Twindom (she did after all leave me a comment to remind me), I was going to do my weekly Truthful Tuesday post with Elizabeth at Confession From a Working Mom (she even based her question off of one of my favorite movies), I had intended to write and link up Dade's birth story with Mama M. to celebrate her birthday (and the birth of her littlest, who she lovingly referred to as a birthday stealer) Or maybe, just maybe, one of the many post I have sitting in my drafts would win the post lotto and make it to completion.
You can see however not a single one of those good intentions came to fruition, instead I answered a higher calling; of snuggling, medicine administering, laundry doing, non-sleeping, temperature taking, movie watching, bucket holding, laundry doing, Ora-jel applying.. The call of "Maaaaamaaaaa".

That leads me to Julia's Working Mom Wednesday questions-

What do you do about work when your child is sick?
Whose responsibility is it to stay home when daycare is not available?
Should Mom be the typical caregiver or should Dad step in?

When the illness is mild as in a cough or runny nose we will both still go to work and leave the children with our nanny. However because we do a nanny share in our home if our children have fevers and/or vomiting I will stay home. This week is a perfect example I was home on Monday because Brennan had a fever very early in the morning that had continued from Sunday, Coralee was also on the mend from the stomach bug and Monday was the first day she had truly eaten in two days. The girls did spend some time around the other kids, but it was limited and only after they had been fever free for a few hours. Later on Monday evening Dade spiked a fever and vomiting started soon after, I stayed home on Tuesday to keep him away from his friends snuggle him through the day.
I think it is both parents responsibility, in our case, to stay home when care is not available. With our past nanny, who had her own illness issues we split the time off, but in these cases our children were well. If the kids are sick it will most likely be me to stay home with them. Our children are no exception that at the age they are Mama is who they want to be with. I like Julia am a smidge overbearing (she used the word Nazi) when it comes to fluid intake, naps and medicine dispensing when illness befalls one of our children.

How would you answer the Working Mom question? Answer here or hop over to Julia's to see more mom answers.


Arizona Mamma said...

I agree, it should be both parents' responsibility. Take turns or something. That is, unless, one has vacation or sick time, and the other doesn't. See, in my job staying home with the kiddos, I have a big fat neither.

Laura said...

I agree both parents should help out...although when I worked I always wanted to stay home with the sicky, but realistically it just couldn't always happen! Hope everyone is feeling better!

Julia said...

moms are so awesome!! yes, i'm a bit nazi-like... i can't help it!

Anonymous said...

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