Monday, December 7, 2009

Not Me!!

Not Me! Is a blog carnival created by MckMama. Where mama's like me can boldly proclaim things they did NOT do in the last week. It's a sort of free therapy if you will. Without further ado, the things I did NOT do this week-

You would not have heard me say to Dade-

"No you may not take your underwear off; you can not sit at the dinner table naked."
"You may not sit on the couch without clothes on."
"Yes the pocket goes in the front."
"Please do not stick your finger in your butt."

Certainly my son keeps his clothes on at all times and it not currently obsessed with his own nakedness.

I definitely did not start and nearly finish ALL of my Christmas shopping during nap-time on Saturday from the comforts of my own home. I loathe and despise shopping on the internet it is FAR too convenient.

I did not, after raising 3 children past their first year, experience the terror and fear of a child falling out of their crib yesterday*. It was not the worst scream and cry I have heard.

Not not me(*Coralee was not hurt and back to her daredevil ways almost instantly after her tumble)

We did not then lower both crib to the lowest notch in hopes of avoiding any other accidental tumbles.

I did not have to change a blowout diaper in the middle of the night on Thursday. While bringing the non-offensive diaper to the diaper genie I did not kick the girls' teapot, hurting my toe and sending the teapot spinning across the kitchen floor. The teapot certainly wasn't on and proceeded to make pouring noises as it spun. I did not get on my hands and knees on the floor looking for said teapot in the dark rather than turn the light. Not Me!! I always make sure all the toys are placed in baskets prior to going to bed.

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Brianne said...

Haha!! Good one!! I am waiting for that scream when my son lounges from his crib!!