Monday, March 30, 2009

(sigh) & ((double sigh))

** Edit- I stole pics from Jon’s facebook page, yippee**
I’m still here. There is no good reason for my absence. Writing new blogs posts with pictures and videos for family and friends is always on my to-do list, but just can’t ever seem to make it to the done side. Unfortunately dishes, laundry, diapers, laundry, cleaning, laundry, paying bills and laundry seem to get in the way. I sat down to write a post last night with pictures and kid cuteness, as I went to finish it with some super cute videos an error occurred and I lost the whole thing. I’m not blaming blogger or the computer, since it was likely user error. It was late and I didn’t have the patience to start over. I promise the cutesy post is back on the to-do list.

In other news-
I'm tired. The girls are nearing 5 months and still not sleeping through the night. It's starting to wear on me. I can no longer remember the last time I had a solid night's sleep. Coming to work Monday through Friday is further draining. I was so spoiled with Dade; he began sleeping through the night at three months and didn't look back save the occasional night while teething even then he was easily rocked backed to sleep. I need a magic bullet. The girls still sleep in a bed in our room and rarely wake each other up, but both still do wake up. At this point I’m only keeping them in our room out of laziness, well that and Brennan wakes up talking using her outside voice. Good grief child it’s 2:30 am, Mama is trying to stay as close to sleep as possibly..
Dade got a super cool haircut this weekend. I’ll post pictures soon. (soon – non-descript and non-committal on a time frame)

Yeah!! Mo-hawk

He loves it.

Coralee and Brennan are teething. They both drool like it is their job.
Coralee’s spit-up has decreased in frequency. Waa- hoo, that should help with the above mentioned laundry.
Brennan is now rolling tummy to back both ways and then proceeds to scream because she is on her back. Coralee is completely uninterested.
Both girls enjoy assisted sitting and standing.
The girls can now rock super cute ponies on the top of there heads. (This also needs pictures)
AND the girls love their walkers. (pics here too)

Brennan in her walker, rocking the pony.

Having a snack, oh wait that's a toy.

Coralee in her walker, so cute.

This pic makes me want to leave work to go home and squeeze my baby.
sniff sniff


Eric Angela & Brandon said...

I love the mo hawk! So sweet! They are all so very cute! Fun pictures!

Pink-CJ said...

She is a cutie!! Yea, I am trying the sleep through the night now, so I won't have to get up in the middle of the night with the boys at 5 months. I feel for you.

Lindsay said...

Just in case you're looking for company in the sleep-misery department...I'm right there with you. My twins will be in their new room this week, God willing, and I'm praying that it will help the sleep situation. My girls are also teething - they are drooling fools!

LOOOOVE the ponytails on your girls!

cat said...

Oh tough times girl. If you ask me I would move them out o their own room and see if they do not sleep better. Good luck and love that haircut.

Adriane said...

Love the hair! I am so jealous!! Yay for decreased spit up. I really hope that the sleep improves.